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Re: *seconded* Re: Bits (Nybbles?) from the Vancouver release team meeting

* Brian Nelson (pyro@debian.org) wrote:
> I agree.  It's become quite evident that Debian is barely able to make
> releases at all with the status quo.  And, given a choice between having
> no stable releases at all and having stable releases of a significantly
> reduced number of arches, I'd gladly choose the latter.
> What baffles me is why so many seem to miss this point and instead have
> decided to turn it into a religious flame war.

I'm not sure that we've entirely missed the point as much as we like to
think there's a better solution than dropping all but 4 archs.  We're
then frustrated that instead of being given reasons for the change we
were given rules.  It's difficult to come up with a solution to a rule.


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