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Re: Vancouver meeting - clarifications

* Peter 'p2' De Schrijver (p2@mind.be) [050315 13:45]:
> > | - the release architecture must have successfully compiled 98% of the
> > |   archive's source (excluding architecture-specific packages)
> > well, that's just an "the architecture is basically working", so that we
> > don't get too many RC-bugs because of architecture-specific issues, and
> > also don't get too many packages kept out of testing for not all archs
> > being built. Of course, the 98% is not engraved into stone, and might just
> > be another arbitrary high number like 97.5%. From looking at the usual
> > level where we start noticing problems with testing migrations, a number
> > in this range is sane.

> I strongly disagree with this. There is a need for a set of base
> packages to work, but it's entirely reasonable to have a release for eg
> m68k without KDE or other large package sets. It's not as if debian/m68k
> would be unusable without KDE packages for example. 

You might try to convince me that KDE is architecture-specific :)

I hope you can agree that we need to say that "almost all" packages that
should be build are build. And I consider 97.5% to be a reasonable
level. Also, if we exclude too much, we might start to ask the question
why we should do a stable release for an arch that builds only a very
minor part of the archive. But the "excluding architecture-specific
packages" gives of course some possibilities which packages count and
which not.

> > | - the release architecture must have a working, tested installer
> > I hope that's obvious why. :)

> As long as FAI or even raw debootstrap counts, I can agree here.

Any installer inside Debian. Of course, we can't tell people "To install
Debian, you first need to install Gentoo" :)

> I fail to see why less archs allows you to improve the scripts. You can
> always improve them, regardless of how many usage they get. I believe
> there is sufficient algorithm knowhow in the debian developer community
> to solve the scalability problems.

Anyone who provides better scalability for britney is welcome.

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