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Re: [RFC] OpenLDAP automatic upgrade

> ad b) where is that .ldif file to be saved? For small directories not an
> issue (take /var/backups or something). For big directories it should be
> on a different disk than /var/lib/ldap with enough space to get sensible
> performance.

I think that people who are running large directories should not do such a
serious upgrade silently. Preinst should issue a big fat warning that
incompatable upgrade is going to happen, and probably stop slapd
immidiatly. Then user should be asked if he wants to attempt automatic
directory and configuration upgrade.
If user agrees, package may assume that there is enough disk space. If there
is not, package may detect this, inform user and and return to the question
about automatic upgrade, letting user either to free some disk space or to
enter path to use for ldif files or to abort upgrade or to do things
If user does not agree, upgrade should not touch directory or configuration,
and should not start slapd after upgrade. If possible, old slapcat (and
libldap?) should be kept in temporary location, to make it possible to do
manual directory upgrade after package upgrade. If that is not possible,
package should issue a big fat warning that if .ldif files are not yet
created, it will be not possible after upgrade (and directory content may
be lost), and let user to stop upgrade.

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