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Re: Bits (Nybbles?) from the Vancouver release team meeting

Roland Mas wrote:
> - infrastructure: testing-security not doable because of bugs
>   ("patches required") in the dak suite, britney, or whatever.  That's
>   independent from the number of released arches, I think.

AIUI, one of the main blockers for testing-security turns out to have
been that setting up buildds for it means N more periodic ssh connections
to newraff by the buildds, (where N is dependent on the number of
arches), and that along with all the existing connections and other load
(eg, britney) on newraf, this was going to overload it. So they've
developed a way to use persistent ssh connections instead, as was
alluded to in the announcement.

(Above may be innaccurate since I got this info second hand.)

see shy jo

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