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Re: Bits (Nybbles?) from the Vancouver release team meeting

* Andreas Barth 

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| * Tollef Fog Heen (tfheen@err.no) [050314 10:55]:
| > * Steve Langasek 
| > 
| > | If you are planning any other transitions that will affect a lot of
| > | packages, please let us know in advance.  We will need to complete the
| > | larger transitions as fast as possible, to get testing back into a
| > | nearly releasable state quickly again after the release.
| > Multiarch.
| I have yet to see a proposal how to do multiarch in the right way.

What is lacking in the proposals out there?

| However, given the timeframe, I seriously doubt that we can do multiarch
| in time for etch.

You are wrong.  :)

glibc has multiarch support in sarge already; I have patches for gcc
to get multiarch support and a mostly-working implementation of it for
libogg, libvorbis and alsaplayer.  Currently working on fixing the
dpkg multiarch support, based on patches by Hugo Mills.

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