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Re: Stateless linux in Debian

On Fri 03/11/05 22:58, Marco d'Itri wrote:
> On Mar 11, Josh Lauricha <laurichj@bioinfo.ucr.edu> wrote:
> > Well, from a very cursory glance this really just seems to be barely
> > more advanced that a cron job that runs "rsync goldserver:/ /"
> Look again then.

I did, and became even less impressed. Its a root-nfs system tied in
with DHCP. The improvement over that is the cached clients:
    Client machines check the LDAP directory every hour to see what they
    should be running. If an update is detected, a caching client will
    automatically rsync the new file tree into its reserve partitions.

Maybe I'm just missing the "new features" this provides, but it seems
to be just root-nfs with a few more buzzwords.

> It's not Fedora-specific.

As seen on the project page:
    The scope of the project is the entire OS, since we are trying to
    improve configuration throughout all packages.

How do you figure a system that requires [nearly] all packages to be
modified, non-specific to that project? Every Debian package that might
alter a file will need to be changed. Yes, once a ro-root is working,
this is no longer the case.

Again, I might just be missing the point. But FAI provides the
"caching client" abilities, is amazingly flexible and is already in.

I'm not saying its worthless, but it just seems like "FAI for Fedora".


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