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802.11e for Linux Kernel

Hello everyone!


I am new in this list and I'll thank you all in advance for any help you could give to me.


I am investigating about 802.11e Draft (future Standard). I have been looking in the internet and I've found a lot of articles comparing 802.11 and 802.11e. In addition I've read both IEEE Standards.

I think that in the "theory" I am pretty prepared.


Now I am looking for implementations of 802.11e but I've only found three ns2 implementations. But they are only simulations.


For my degree final project I have to implement 802.11e in Linux. I would like to know if it exists any "real" implementation, and if not if you could help me looking for any tutorial for patching linux kernel or creating a new kernel module supporting 802.11e.

Another question, is that I would like to know which source kernel files are directly involved with the 802.11 MAC.


Thank you very much!

Fabio Valpondi – fvalpondi@salleurl.edu


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