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Re: Key management using a USB key

Wouter wrote:
>Op di, 08-03-2005 te 14:58 +0000, schreef Ben Hill:
>> So, when I stick the dongle into the USB slot, the drive is
>> automatically mounted, and the symlinks point to my real key
>> directories.
>> When the key is out of the machine, my keys are safe offline.
>This is also approximately how I manage this (or did, my key broke
>yesterday and I haven't got a new one yet).
>The only difference is that, rather than symlinking ~/.gnupg, I symlink
>~/.gnupg/secring.gpg; that way, I can mount the USB key read-only, which
>allows me to safely remove it while still mounted; my trustdb and public
>keyring are synchronized in other ways.

Yep, exactly how I do it too. It works well - after all, you rarely
(if ever) need to update the contents then.

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