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mipsel binutils/gcc/glibc shared library breakage

Dear Debian developers,

I gather there are some people out there with MIPS little-endian machines (from mipsel drop discussion) and Debian on it. Do huge shared libraries (containing >40000 symbols) work for you? I am currently investigating an issue I have with my MIPS32r4, binutils > 2.14.90, gcc-3.3.5 and glibc 2.3.2 (all Debian sources), which prevents e.g. Qt/Embedded to be used as shared library.

Would you be willing to run a simple test (source attached to this message) and see that it works on a mipsel target with binutils > 2.14.90 (that is the version when it stopped working correctly)?

Thanks is advance!

Pjotr Kourzanov

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