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Re: Popularity-contest http POST: call for testers

On Sun, 6 Mar 2005 00:48:21 +0100
Bill Allombert <allomber@math.u-bordeaux.fr> wrote:

> Hello developers,
> We have plans to add support in popularity-contest to send the
> report through http POST. Both the server part an the client part have
> been developed.  The last issue is to actually use it in the cron job
> and see what issues 
> For that purpose, I have made an experimental popularity-contest
> package that use both smtp and http. Please find it here:
> <http://people.debian.org/~ballombe/popcon/debs>
> This package report to the test popcon account so we can monitor it.
> We would really like people to review or test this package in real
> situations, in particular when network connectivity is chaotic.
> We would like to make sure the popcon cron job will not cause problem
> to users with poor network.

I have not yet bothered to setup smtp on my machine to go through my
ISP's required gateway, so I could only send reports via the HTTP
method. Would my beta testing still be helpful, or are reports needed
via both methods for the test?


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