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Re: eleventh-hour transition for mysql-using packages related to apache

Theodore Ts'o said:
> My system (currently running unstable, but it from the your description
> it sounds like it may be happening on sarge as well) has an
> apache2/mysql/php4 combination which blows up the moment you try to open
> a connection to a mysql database.

Are you sure you're note experiencing the bugs listed in #295998 and
#296694, which are fixed in 4.3.10-8 in unstable?... If not, then I guess
the transition has started with some packages and not others, and we need
to resolve that ASAP.  It was stalled for a bit pending some license
issues, but Steve and I got that resolved upstream recently.

Steve, should we be going ahead with the push to make this transition
occur as soon as we can, now that the license mess is sorted?

... Adam

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