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Re: Bug#297606: ITP: unionfs -- Stackable Unification File System

#include <hallo.h>
* Paul Hampson [Wed, Mar 02 2005, 08:05:14PM]:

> > 	I've used this, but briefly, in NetBSD. So maybe I'm missing something
> > when I ask: how is this different from "mount --bind" in kernels 2.4 and up?

It is different. --bind does only 1:1 copy (files are written to the
source directory, for example), unionfs puts the changed files in one of
the underlying directories.

> Hmm. I misread this as the oft-wished-for transparent overlay
> filesystem.
> Either I'm daft, or the naming/description might need work...
> "merge" is possibly the wrong word here?

Hm. Is that better:

 The unionfs driver provides a unification file system for the Linux
 kernel. It allows to virtually merge the contents of several
 directories and/or stack them, so that apparent file changes in the
 unionfs end in file changes in only one of the source directories
 (which makes possible to "change" files on read-only filesystems).

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