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Re: list of packages on private website

Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo wrote:

That's rather OT, but I wanted to target my question at developers, cause
I suppose that's the only group which would be able to help me.

I would like to put on my homepage list of packages that I maintain.
I suppose that the easiest way would be to fetch this information from
ldap database. I don't want to reinvent the wheel, and I'm sure some of
you have already similar lists on your websites.

I'm also quite sure you want to share your code with others, don't you? ;)

So if someone could announce that he/she has some code, and in turn makes
my life easier, then it's time to do that.

The perfect solution would be some script which would download these
information once a week and build static pages from it. This way
I wouldn't overload database.

I use a proprietary super-secret file format called Packages.gz.  I
require my users to license (for $699) a special browsing tool.  I
give then a choice between synaptic (desktop users), aptitude (server
users), and dselect (masochists). :-)

Naturally, all of this is in jest.  Just curious, why not just let them
view your packages through one of the above tools?


Roberto C. Sanchez

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