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Re: APT 0.6 migration -- first status report

just my 2eurocents

Florian Weimer wrote:

* How you can help

Please install APT 0.6, take your favorite APT frontend, recompile it
from source, test basic operations, and report the results (either to
me privately, or to this list).  Does it still compile?  Does it work
as expected (apart from the lack of reports for signature verification
failures, of course)?

I have been using apt 6.0 for quite some time , and it works OK

I have recompiled aptitude against its libraries, and it works OK

having key verification is quite nice: it warned me when my favourite mirror
was broken for some time (for unknown reason)

my only concern was with 'apt-key' : so I approve the patch by peter@palfrader.org
that adds support for a directory  /etc/apt/trusted-keys
(although I would call it  /var/lib/apt/trusted-keys  )

Even at this stage, it's important to know whether we can expect a
smooth ABI transition, and address any obstacles to that.
my transition was smooth

I really support the transition


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