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Bug 295175 followup

Bug 295175, the grave xfree86-common bug that was blocking many
autobuilds has now had its fix uploaded to the archive.

Unfortunately, the xfree86 build with the fix is failing, and looking
at the build logs, I think it's because the buildd chroots are still
corrupted with the damage that the buggy package did.

We need the buildd maintainers to all clean the chroots by hand
(perhaps it would be best to just rebuild them from scratch), and then
reschedule builds of xfree86.

Regardless of exactly what the correct procedure is, is there someone
who is taking the lead of making sure all this happens?  More than a
few packages have gotten stalled by the corrupted chroots on the
buildd's causing spurious build failures and it needs by-hand work to
correct each one.


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