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How to force an update if package names changed?


i got a question regarding package updates.

If I have a source pack-1.1 from which some packages including
pack-gui-lang-de-1.1_2 (Provides: pack-gui-lang) are build.

Now i want to build the languages in seperade packages say
pack-lang-de-1.1. How can it be done to force an update between the
package from the main source (pack-gui-lang-de-1.1_2) to the package
from the seperated lang source (pack-lang-de-1.1_?)?

Provides: pack-gui-lang-de, pack-gui-lang
Conflicts: pack-gui-lang-de

doesn't seem to work, since the old pack-gui-lang-de packages are still

Any hints?

Thanks in advice

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