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Re: [Pre-RFA] Intending to drop twenty-some packages

On 1 February 2005 at 14:46, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
| * Dirk Eddelbuettel <edd@debian.org> [2005-01-15 11:51]:
| > Please CC me on follow-ups to debian-devel, or email me directly if
| > you have any interest. I should follow up with RFA and O bug reports
| > over the next few weeks, but doing this informally first may be
| > simpler. Or maybe not.
| Did you keep track which packages have been spoken for and for which
| you still need to file RFA or O reports?

Sorry for not replying sooner, but I was under the weather with some sort of
flu and slept every non-work hour of the last two days.

| It seems at least tob is still outstanding.  Gunnar Wolf seemed
| interested in some of the Perl packages but it's not quite clear to me
| which he'll actually adopt.

I'll quote from my original email and then summarise by paragraph:

On 15 January 2005 at 11:51, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
| * the Octave complex

-- is now in the hands on the pkg-octave-devel group with octave2.1 as the
first (and only, so far) release. Thanks to Rafael for organising and
spear-heading this.

| * the gsl set:

-- is still mine though Bas Zoetekouw indicated that he would like to help. I
think I got Chris Steigies to agree to help too.

| * the Perl "spreadsheet" complex:
|   - spreadsheet-writeexcel 
|   - spreadsheet-parseexcel (2 old open bugs, forwarded ages ago)
|   - ole-storage-lite
|   - dbd-excel (1 old open bug, forwarded)

-- was picked up en bloc by Gunnar Wolf, and already uploaded. Thanks, Gunnar!

| * other Perl packages:
|   - dbd-odbc
|   - finance-streamer
|   - inline-octave [ related to Octave ]
|   - math-numbercruncher
|   - statistics-descriptive

Still up for grabs. Only dbd-octave had upstream releases lately -- and
should find a new home. The others are more esoteric. If it gets too bad I
can always orphan them later.

| * bc (with binary packages bc and dc) 

-- picked up with an immediate upload by John Hasler. Thanks, John!

| * Miscellaneous
|   - afio  (2 open bugs, active upstream, pretty straightforward)

Picked up Erik Schanze who already uploaded a new package with several
patches that have since been blessed upstream. Thanks, Erik!  (Eric is not a
full DD, if his AM reads this, my thumbs up!)

|   - time (dead upstream)

-- picked up by Tollef (no new upload yet). Thanks, Tollef!

|   - tob (fairly dead upstream despite CPR and a new upstream author recently)

-- still mine, but not that much work.

|   - wajig (very active upstream, and well maintained upstream)

-- now officially Grahams, and I sponsor him -- Thanks, Graham!. Effectively,
that is what have done for the last one or two years anyway. (Graham is not a
full DD, if his AM reads this, my thumbs up!)

I still have approx 70 other packages ...


Better to have an approximate answer to the right question than a precise 
answer to the wrong question.  --  John Tukey as quoted by John Chambers

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