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Re: mkchroot scripts

On Thu, Feb 03 at 20:23:20 (+0100), Christoph Berg wrote:
> What's the difference to makejail and debootstrap?

1. Created chroot enviroment use less disk space, and does not
include not needed files/dirs (like: passwd, chown, chmod or files in
fileutils package etc)
Creates 'chroot', not another debian installation.

2. Does not need to start/stop service (like makejail), sometimes
it's not possible. For example I try to create another chrooted env
on machine where executes 200 apache and I could not stop apache. Also
makejail creates chroot on heavy-loaded machines very strange, IMHO. 

3. Update of chrooted packages easy and can be executed in any time
(makejail need to stop/start service)

PS: probably you need to try it. maybe I just don't understand... 

Sergei "df" Kononov
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