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Bug#293103: ITP: atokx2 -- Kana-Kanji translation system ATOK for Linux (Installer)

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : atokx2
  Version         : 17.0-2.0
  Upstream Author : JUSTSYSTEM Corporation
* URL or Web page : http://www.justsystem.co.jp/linux/atok.html
* License         : non-free (commercial license)
  Description     : Kana-Kanji translation system ATOKX for Linux (Installer)

 This package is installer to install "ATOK for Linux" to Debian system.
 This package does not contain "ATOK for Linux" software.  You have to
 buy it to use "ATOK for Linux".
 "ATOK for Linux" is released by JUSTSYSTEM Corporation. It is commercial
 software and does not allow redistribution.

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