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Re: Bug#292666: ITP: autoreply -- A safe, rate-limited auto-responder

>>>>> "Christopher" == Christopher Sacca <csacca@thecsl.org> writes:

    Christopher> * Package name    : autoreply
    Christopher> Version         : 1.2
    Christopher> Upstream Author : Giles Lean <giles@nemeton.com.au>
    Christopher> * URL             : http://www.nemeton.com.au/sw/autoreply/
    Christopher> * License         : BSD
    Christopher> Description     : A safe, rate-limited auto-responder

    Christopher> A safe, rate-limited autoresponder
    Christopher> autoreply is a simple autoresponder useful for replying to
    Christopher> email upon receipt.

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Sacca <csacca@thecsl.org> writes:

    Chris> Package: wnpp
    Chris> Severity: wishlist

    Chris> * Package name    : autoreply
    Chris> Version         : 1.2
    Chris> Upstream Author : Giles Lean <giles@nemeton.com.au>
    Chris> * URL             : http://www.nemeton.com.au/sw/autoreply/
    Chris> * License         : BSD
    Chris> Description     : A safe, rate-limited autoresponder

    Chris> Autoreply is a simple autoresponder useful for replying to
    Chris> email upon receipt.

May I suggest that one package would be sufficient?

(I think you filed two ITPs).
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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