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Re: library packaging doc...

Osamu Aoki wrote:
> Please get it.  Having DOC in CVS makes easier for proofreader to
> correct things.  For me, I initially got patches.  But after a while, I
> developed mutual trust with few people.  They start fixing it with write
> access sometimes later.  But they always ask significant changes to me.
> It was nice way to get my English fixed.
> > Sure, any DD can get that access check out
> > http://www.debian.org/doc/cvs
> Not any more. (I think)
> After compromise of debian server, we are limitting access to DDP to the
> member of debian-doc or some group like that for DD.
> Just request to admin@db.debian.org while pointing them our message on 
> this list.

Or see and follow the instructions summarised on

> Unfortunately, I do not have access to gluck now.  I do not know why,
> but it does not connect now.


> PS: If you are in rush, I or javi should be able to add you as a pserver
> access user just like other non-DD.  We need to check out CVSROOT/passwd
> file or so, I think.  I have not done it.


See above.



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