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Re: german debian mirror with 700mb paris.avi file...

El dom, 30-01-2005 a las 20:17 +0100, Alexander Schmehl escribió:
> Hi Markus!
> * Rechberger Markus <mrechberger@gmail.com> [050130 16:44]:
> > if someone's bored and looking for a 700mb paris.avi file ...
> > ftp://ftp2.de.debian.org/pub/
> > forward it to the maintainer of that ftp if you know who it belongs
> > to... if possible
> Thanks for the note.
> As far as I know he is aware of it, and the file has allready been (re)
> moved.

 No, it was only  moved... still available together with a

 Is this a bit moron admin/user or a problem of the box being r00ted?


Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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