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dh_installinit and update-rc.d start vs. restart


for some kind of CDD I have created a package "X" that changes
another packages "Y" config file (using cfengine) and restarts
the respective daemon.  That works well, if I upgrade package
X only or Y only.

Problem: If I upgrade both package X and Y at the same time
the daemon of package Y will be stopped, than X changes the
config, restarts daemon of Y, finally Y tries to start its
daemon, but fails, as it already runs.

If package X would update-rc.d restart in postinst, it would
be perfect, right?  Is there a convince dh_installinit to
use "restart" instead of "start" in package X?  Are there
other ways to solve such a problem?

Cheers, WB

Btw: Both X and Y use CDBS and debhelper.

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