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Re: debconf5 registration is open

* Andreas Schuldei 

| go to http://comas.linux-aktivaattori.org/debconf5 and register.

On the registration page, under Accomodation in Helsinki, one of the
options are «Lodging at HUT, with my BF/GF/wife/family».  Does this
cost anything?  Should my girlfriend register as well?  (And you
should probably use «Significant other», instead of enumerating all
the options. :)

| Due to generous committment to sponsorship by HP, Nokia, IBM and
| Hostway we allready have the better part of the budget covered,
| and only about 50kUS$ are missing.

«only about 50kUS$».  I knew the US dollar was weak, but so weak 50k
of it is «only»? ;)

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