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my behaviour

i apologise for any offense i made have caused anyone, and i apologise
for my behaviour, but i cannot apologise for what i perceive as a
problem, that being the unfriendliness to outsiders, and that it's
sometimes difficult to get change happening. 

the latter isn't up to me anyway, all i can do is point it out, albeit
i did it too agressively.  i reacted out of frustruation, and not
thought. it's called outrage, heh.

i'm still going to be staying away from debian for a while, but i just
wanted to get this out, so i can rest easier, and be my typical
obsessive-compulsive over it.

eric côté/sr

"Only a brain-damaged operating system would support task switching and not
make the simple next step of supporting multitasking."
                -- George McFry

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