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Re: Bug#292183: ITP: gtkpizza -- Pizza takeaway managment program written in gtk

On Wed, Jan 26, 2005 at 09:45:07AM +0000, David Pashley wrote:

> Could it be used to manage items other than pizzas? If so you might want
> to mention that it could be adapted for all types of fast food.

...for all types of take-away food.

Don't try to call pizza a "fast food".  Never, ever again.  If you get
pizza from a fast food shop, you rightously get digestion problems and
lots of pimples!

And if there is cheese inside the border, that's not pizza: refuse to
pay and move to another restaurant!

And "Pizza ai peperoni" is pizza with peppers, not with hot sausage!


Enrico and the movement of Italians Against Pizza Blasphemes ;)

[Cc-ing to debian-curiosa, thread should follow there, where someone can
also teach me how to comfortably set mail-followup things in mutt]
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