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libxml2 and libxslt uploads to sid, soon

Hi fellow developpers,

I just want you to make you aware that I'm planning to upload new
upstream versions of libxml2 and libxslt into sid soon.
Since the number of reverse dependencies on them are quite significant,
and since shlibs are going to be bumped, I'm posting this warning on
-release and -devel.
Both versions that will be uploaded into sid are targetted for sarge,
and will actually be the ones currently in experimental (or maybe latest
upstream for libxml2 if the change-set is not too significant comparing
to the one in experimental).
I'm planning the upload for early february (I'd say on the 1st or the
2nd). If you have any comment or need some delay for some reason, feel
free to answer this message. Just don't forget that these uploads mean
that all reverse depending packages, and some more indirect reverse
dependencies, will be stuck in sid the time for the packages to migrate
into sarge, which will be 10 days (urgency: low, except if someone has
an objection).

Thanks for listening.


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