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try to keep a watch file into your package

The dehs system now is regular running again every two days on  alioth
(and so also on the info feed to developer.php on qa). 
Looking at no_watch page[1] there are:

Total source packages without watch file: 6324 
Total source packages: 8285 
%:  76,33%

But seems also that there are:
1621 packages that had no watch filel had a dehs automatic generated
watch file that had passed uscan test.
If every developer could download, check and if necessary fix the
automatic generated watch file and the put the file in his package
source we could fix the info in developers.php and the status on dehs
for some of the 6324 packages without watch file. 
Every developer could find his automatic generated watch file going on
his dehs own maintainer/package page from dehs homepage[2] on alioth. 



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