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Re: apply to NM? ha!


On Tuesday, 25. January 2005 02:43, Helen Faulkner wrote:
> I tend to tell people some mixture of the following, depending on the
> context:
> [Rationale for each skipped for quoting brevity]
> 1.  Remember that lots of Debian people are lovely[...]
> 2.  Don't start an interaction with the following people [...]
> 3.  If anyone says something to you that is insulting, [ignore it and 
remember 1.]
> 4.  Don't be insulting or nasty in your own communications [...]
> 5.  Choose your battles [wisely]. [...]
> All of this is fairly obvious stuff, I think.

That's what people say about the Netiquette, too... ;-) Thanks for posting 
this, stating it explicitly is rather useful (at least to myself when talking 
to people in various Debian or non-Debian contexts).


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