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Re: Reboot in postinst

Op ma, 24-01-2005 te 16:39 +1100, schreef Brian May:
> >>>>> "Wouter" == Wouter Verhelst <wouter@debian.org> writes:
>     Wouter> lsof +L 1
> rebooting is the only way to make sure rebooting will work if a reboot
> is required for some reason during peak usage, e.g. power failure,
> etc...
> In some situations it might be better to test rebooting first at
> low-demand times. Or if you plan on being off-site for an extended
> period of time.

Of course. OTOH, if you /are/ off-site, and want to be sure the system
comes back up again, it's nice to know that you can indeed restart
applications that need it without having to reboot the system; that was
my point.

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