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Re: [Fwd: Re: status of the DDTP project?]

Thanks for the informatino Tobias! The braziliam team is already using
the new email address, but unhappily there are problems yet:

- The DDTP server is with a long delay to send out the replies. Sometimes
the reply come in a lot of hours.

- The coordination of the brazilian team changed since october/2004. The
last coordinator was Fred Maranhao, and I'm the new coordinator. This
change demands modifications in the DDTP server to allow that I run
exclusive commands to coordinators. Theses modifications are pending and
this is harming the coordination.

Can, the person that created the desc2@ddtp.d.o, resolve the two problems
listed above?


Em 20/1/2005, "Tobias Toedter" <t.toedter@gmx.net> escreveu:

>it seems that the problems with pdesc@ddtp.d.o aren't resolved just yet. 
>However, if you use desc2@ddtp.debian.org instead, the server sends out 
>replies. You'll get the normal feedback, and it looks like the processing 
>of incoming mails succeeds.
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