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Re: not starting packages at boot

On Sun, 23 Jan 2005 10:40:08 +0100, Marc Haber wrote in part:
> Ihave a number of server packages installed on my
> personal laptop for the sake of having the docs with me. I am,
> however, fine with using update-rc.d or $EDITOR /etc/runlevel.conf[1]
> to accomplish this.

In some cases this might be grounds for wishing that the docs
be split off into a separate package.  Another solution is to
"dpkg -x" the package into the directory of your choice and
to peruse the docs in there.  Of course, neither of these is
completely convenient.  If one really wants the package to be
installed but deactivated then he can install it and disable
it using sysv-rc-conf.

I agree that sysv-rc-conf leaves something to be desired.  It
would really be much better if there were a reliable way of
restoring a service's runlevel settings to their "factory
defaults" -- i.e. to what the package postinst set them to.

This could be implemented by changing update-rc.d so that it
recorded these settings somewhere; the information could later
be used to restore the service's runlevel settings to their
factory defaults.  I have written about this in #183460 and
#237379.  This feature is also needed so that maintainer
scripts can change runlevel configuration iff they haven't
been changed by the user.

Thomas Hood

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