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Re: RFP: gtybalt -- computer algebra system (CAS) based on GiNaC with optional TeXmacs GUI

On 01/20/2005 05:24 PM, allomber@math.u-bordeaux.fr wrote:

> Avoid gnuplot if you can, the license is GPL-incompatible and not one we
> should encourage (See bug #100612 for why).

(Checks gnuplot license and #100612)
Argh, that will teach me not to assume something with GNU in its name is

Do you have any suggestions for other function graphing programs /
libraries I could suggest to upstream?  Ideally they would be able to
display functions of 2 or even 3 arguments.  In any case I guess if he
uses gnuplot only via calls to fork()/exec() or whatever, that is
permitted, right?  Maybe the best we can hope for is that Root gets a
GPL-compatible license.

> I use NTL, but given it is a static-only C++ library I never felt the
> need to package it. (Also it is heavily tuned at build-time, so a 
> generic build is likely to be slower than a tuned build, and I tend to
> massage it a bit, so I need to recompile it anyway).

I don't have a need for NTL aside from its use as a build-dependency of
gTybalt, so you are probably a better candidate to package it than I :-)
 I guess a similar compromise could be made with NTL as with the ATLAS
packages - compile "generic" code for most arches, and specialized code
on a few subarches of powerpc and i386?  Hmm, if it's a static-only
library, that doesn't help gTybalt any unless it also is packaged in
generic and optimized versions.  Thoughts?


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