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initrd, lvm, and devfs

Devfs is regarded as obsolete in the kernel source.

The current initrd images produced by initrd-tools does the following for a 
LVM system:
mount -nt devfs devfs /dev
vgchange -a y
umount /dev

This relies on a kernel with devfs compiled in to boot a system with an LVM 
root file system.

I think that we should not rely on obsolete kernel features (IE devfs) for any 
boot option that is supported by the installer (IE LVM).

This problem is solved in Fedora by having udev in the initrd, I think that we 
should use the same solution.

Also I think that we should consider when we want to drop support for devfs in 
the kernel-image packages.  At some stage this feature has to be removed as 
increasing amounts of kernel code don't work well with it.

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