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Re: should changelogs be in chronological order

Travis Crump wrote:
Should changelogs be in chronological order or should they be in version number order?

The changelog should be in the order changes were made.

Specifically I just noticed that libtiff4's changelog is out of chronological order[attached for reference]. It seems that the maintainer was maintaining two branches: an experimental branch[3.6.1-3->3.7.0-1->3.7.0-2], and an unstable/testing branch[3.6.1-3->3.6.1-4->3.6.1-5]. 3.7.1-1 would then be potentially descended from either branch.

If the changelog includes entries from 3.7.0-2 and 2.6.1-5, then 3.7.1-1 should be descended from _both_ branches -- ie, it should include all the changes from both, merging any conflicts.

Then again 'removing' them[the changelog entries] opens up a whole other can of worms[hence the post to devel]. More importantly, I don't think it is explicitly clear in the changelog whether or not CAN-2004-1183 and CAN-2004-1308 are fixed in 3.7.1-1[though implicitly I assume they are, but stranger things have happened].

The whole point of the changelog is to make it explicitly clear which changes have been made. If something's listed in the changelog, it's been applied. If not, that's a mistake.


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