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Re: xfce-goodies - help needed; Rudy Godoy MIA?

Citando Simon Huggins <huggie@earth.li>:

> I know the -goodies packages are in bad shape.
> > Please take some time to help figure out what should be done with
> > these packages -- cleaned up/adopted, or removed from the archive --
> > before ITPing more packages in the xfce4 namespace.
> Sure.  I think for sarge they can be cleaned up/updated.  I've just
> finished a stretch getting the 22 packages for the main body of xfce4
> for 4.2.0 for experimental sorted this weekend so I'm a bit knackered
> currently.
> To be honest I'd been expecting others to sort out the -plugins for
> sarge given people had said they would.


> Rudy Godoy seemed interested at one point but now his mail is bouncing
> though I'm ccing him again in case it got fixed.

I've already had the new revisions waiting for a while at mentors.debian.net
I've asked a couple (or more) of times for sponsoring at -mentors and
to the xfce team withouth luck. Didn't "pushed" that much anyway, I
mean talk to my actual sponsors, I was going to do ask for it in these

Well, despite all that, I'm able to provide the updates for such
packages and a couple of new plugins like wireless monitor.
I'll upload all them this week to my website, so any prospective sponsor
can grab and hopefully push them into the archives.


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