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Re: removed start links are back after upgrade

On Wed, 12 Jan 2005 23:55:03 +0100, Erik Schanze <schanzi_@gmx.de> wrote:
> Will Lowe <harpo@thebackrow.net>:
> > I'm thinking have "update-rc.d -f foo disable" do the same thing as
> > "update-rc.d -f foo remove && update-rc.d foo stop stop 0", and
> > clearly document this in the manual page, so that sysadmins can do
> > what they think they're doing when they use "remove".
> >
> A very good idea, but Bug #67095 is unfortunately tagged "wontfix".
> He suggested using sysv-rc-conf, but then I have to install additional
> packages libcurses-perl, libcurses-ui-perl and libterm-readkey-perl which I
> didn't used before.
> That's not my understanding of "one task, one tool".

Then use rcconf which has less dependencies (perl and whiptail).

It does exactly as suggested above:
* remove existing symlinks
* add stop with priority 0
* remember original priorities when enabling them later on

And the last point is actually very convenient. So I don't really see
the added value in a disable function for update-rc.d, because
update-rc.d doesn't remember the priorities.



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