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Re: How to build libapache-mod

On Wed, Jan 12, 2005 at 03:44:45PM +0100, Michael Ablassmeier wrote:
> On 2005-01-12, Milan P. Stanic <mps@rns-nis.co.yu> wrote:
> > Sorry if this question answered already or the location of doc's
> > (policy) is easy to find.
> apache-dev includes `/usr/share/doc/apache-dev/README.modules' which
> contains a set of simple guidelines on how to integrate external Apache
> modules into Debian. Looking at existing libapache-mod-* package-sources
> should also help, though.

I thought such file is in the apache-dev and my first search was
there but without luck. After your answer I think that must be for
the testing/unstable, but not for stable.
And I have only stable/woody.

But, now I know where to search.


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