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Re: PHP application packaging policy/best practice?

Kees Leune dijo [Fri, Jan 07, 2005 at 02:19:18PM +0100]:
> Hi,
> I am preparing an ITP for a PHP application that is currently under
> development at my place of employment. While thinking about packaging
> it, I was wondering if there is any PHP application policy or best
> practice. I am now leaning to a setup as follows:
> (...)
> Note that I chose /usr/lib over /usr/share because according to the
> FHS, /usr/share is meant for "all read-only architecture independent
> data files". Although PHP files are read-only and architecture
> indepedent, I consider them as programs.

Some people have pointed out that other PHP programs go to /usr/share
as well. Just to complement: Perl modules also get installed to
/usr/share if they are not architecture-specific. Python seems not to
be that way, as its standard sys.path does not include /usr/share/*. 


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