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Re: APT Repository HOWTO

* Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org> [050109 16:49]:
> On 10164 March 1977, Roberto Sanchez wrote:
> >> Instead of doing all this by hand I can recommend my own package
> >> debarchiver. The latest versions of it do this pretty good in
> >> an automatic way.
> > Thanks.  I'll add some information about it.
> Maybe you want to add a link to the "dak" suite too. The one used by
> Debian itself. At the moment available from
> http://dak.ganneff.de/pool/main/d/dak/ but upload to Debian happens
> today. :)

When you are adding links to other possibilities, you might also want to
add a link to my reprepro to be found at http://alioth.debian.org/projects/mirrorer/.
It currently is only available via CVS, but has some features the other
ones might not yet have (pool/ structure without need for
a database-server, importing from other repositories, checking and
generating signatures, ...)

  Bernhard R. Link

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