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Re: updated debian development diagram -- comments?


first I'd like to thank Kevin for his nice diagram!

On Wednesday 05 January 2005 20:38, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Very nice! I expect to use it at some conferences (BTW: Looks like a
> nice addition to Debian Eyecatcher[1], I'll add it :) )

but then I also got one concern, especially if this diagram gets used in more 
or less official debian projects / occasions / whatever (this might be a good 
place to add that I'm aware that Kevin started that diagram for hisself...) :

unstable is described as suited for "...laptops and desktops on non-critical 
testing is described as "... can be used for desktop systems that need more 

I think this both is wrong. Unstable and testing should not be described as 
suited for desktops - they are development branches of debian, which are 
likely to break, which break and... so on. Most of you know :)

I'm perfectly aware why some people advocate testing or sid for Desktops (the 
good ol' "debian releases to seldom" argument...) - but as said I don't think 
Debian should propagate this misconcepts.


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