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Re: PHP application packaging policy/best practice?

On Fri, 07 Jan 2005, Kees Leune wrote:
> /usr/lib/appname/php      Publicly loadable PHP pages
> /usr/lib/appname/lib        Included PHP libraries (not reachable via httpd)
> /var/lib/appname             Persistant data
> /etc/appname/appname.cfg Configuration
> /etc/appname/apache.conf   Apache configuration (symlink from
> /etc/apache/conf.d)
> Note that I chose /usr/lib over /usr/share because according to the
> FHS, /usr/share is meant for "all read-only architecture independent
> data files". Although PHP files are read-only and architecture
> indepedent, I consider them as programs.

That's not enough a reason to go with lib/ in Debian IMHO.  Have a look on
share/, and you will find that pratically everything arch-independent goes
in there.  php itself does this.

Another hint that Debian doesn't make much of a distinction between
executables and data is the lack of libexec/

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