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Re: updated debian development diagram -- comments?

On (06/01/05 01:56), Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> Hi Kevin!
> * Kevin Mark <kmark+debian-devel@pipeline.com> [050103 07:08]:
> > I have updated my diagram on the debian developement model. Any comments
> > appreciated! 
> What is the target group of your diagramm?  Since I don't think people
> without deeper knowledge of Debian will find your diagram easy to
> understand because, partly because of the akronyms, partly because you
> try to explain everything at once.
> It's much information on a small page, you know?
It would appear to be of most use to those of us who have a desire to
understand the debian development process.  I can't pretend to have a
deeper knowledge of Debian, I've been using it for two years with no
previous knowledge of *nix but I find this extremely useful ;)

I agree it is a lot of information for the uninitiated but then again,
would they be interested?

Kevin, it would be great output to pdf (A4) but in any event, mnay


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