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Re: New stable version after Sarge

On 04-Jan 09:45, Steve Greenland wrote:
> On 04-Jan-05, 07:40 (CST), Paul van der Vlis <paul@vandervlis.nl> wrote: 
> > One of the biggest disadvantages of Debian for me is the long time it 
> > takes for a new stable version.
> If you want Ubuntu or Progeny, you know where[1] to find them. :-)
> Seriously. There's just no way you're going to change the way Debian
> makes releases, or rather, doesn't. It's too big, and there are just
> too damn many people involved, many of whom simply don't care about
> releases. As long as we maintain our current release criteria (which I
> don't necessarily think we should change) we will get slower and slower
> as we get bigger and bigger.
> Steve
> [1] Okay, just in case you don't: http://www.ubuntu.com/,
> http://www.progeny.com

How large of a change would it be to switch to a goal based releases?
More along the lines of "new installer for sarge" and once all release
goals have been met tag a release and only accept new packages that fix
RC bugs.


Use popularity-contest results to find a "core" set of packages and make
a release more time based, but only count RC bugs from those "core"
packages (Maybe those packages that would fit on 2 CDs?)

Debian is a great distro, but I can't really use it anywhere other than
a static server (and even then woody's SpamAssassin is much too out of
date to be usefull.) If an organization _needs_ the security and 
stability of hopefully^W historic debian release, than there is Progeny
or decent admins to keep things running.

It would be nice if testing really was "Testing" a whole set of packages
where with every new release it was quickly switched to a new snapshot
of Sid, or Sid when some major release goals where met.


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