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Switchconf: Orphaning or removing?


Some time ago, I adopted switchconf, a very simple bash script used to
simply switch between configurations, planned for use on mobile
systems, but perfectly usable on the desktop as well.

Now, switchconf is too simple. It does very little, but does not do it
very well. I originally intended to work with it to make it much more
robust... But in the end, I didn't get around to do it.

The original upstream author was also a DD (Sebastien Gross), but he
orphaned the package and stopped its development. I am not working on
it anymore, so I thought on orphaning it... But, as the package has
never been in a stable release and it is pretty obvious, I think it
should be removed.

...So this message is just to ask: Does anybody care about it, or
should I just file the removal bug?


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