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Re: New stable version after Sarge

Quoting Robert Lemmen <robertle@semistable.com>:

> On Wed, Jan 05, 2005 at 12:30:52PM -0500, Marc Sherman wrote:
> > >That makes me wonder.  I know that there are tools like cron-apt that
> > >will perform apt-related tasks through cron jobs.  Is there a way to
> > >make it (or another tool) download the changelogs and email you any
> > >new ones?
> > 
> > I just filed a wishlist on cron-apt about that same thing this morning:
> > http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=288763
> doesn't apt-listchanges do that?

apt-listchanges shows the changes since the version of the package that is
currently installed.  If I am running testing and only interested in upgrading
packages in response to a security fix, the amount of info could get big
really fast.  It would need to implement something similar to logcheck.  It
only shows changes since the last time it showed you changes.  apt-listchanges
also shows all changelog entries.

The first time you run apt-show-security-changelogs, it would essentially
function like apt-listchanges in that it would show the changelogs since the
currently installed versions, with the exception that it does a 'grep -i 
\[security\]' on the changelogs.  After that, say if it is run in a cron job,
it will show you the appropriate changelogs only if it has not already
chown you that particular changelog entry.

There would need to be some whay for it to track what changelog entries have
and hove not already been shown.  That way, if I install package foo, it knows
to start showing me any security-related changelog entries for that package,
but only from that point forward.

-Roberto Sanchez

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