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Re: Bug#287839: ITP: mxml -- small XML parsing library

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Eduardo Marcel Macan <macan@debian.org> writes:

> Sorry, I quoted the upstream description, I have a preliminary package
> ready and it will be uploaded as soon as I make it clean.

If you would like someone to check it, I would be happy to review it.

> The upstream author provides only a static version of the library,
> so I'm having to check lots of things I never had to deal with in
> order to do it right (It seems I'll have to take care of sonames and
> the like myself and that's something I'd prefer to avoid, but
> anyway...)

If upstream do not version it, it may cause future problems if you do
Debian-specific soname versioning (consider what happens if upstream
enable versioning in 6 months).  If you require shared libraries, I'm
sure Mike Sweet would consider adding support (have you asked?).
Otherwise, perhaps static only would be safest for now.

> I know the basics of XML and don't really have any experience using
> XML libraries myself, I'm packaging it because zynaddsubfx uses it
> to implement an "xml-like" instrument definition, and zyn is one of
> my main interests.

It looks quite cool.

> I think that I'd be a better "comaintainer" of this package than the
> only one responsible. The ITP seems to have attracted attention, I
> won't mind if someone offers his help to maintain, or even adopt
> it. Really :)

I would certainly be interested.  I may even be able to get
libgimpprint using it (instead of the customised form we have embedded
currently).  I also have uses for it in other projects, where libxml2
is not suitable.


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