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Re: Updated SELinux Release

Hi Russell,

El lun, 03-01-2005 a las 23:53 +1100, Russell Coker escribió:
> On Saturday 06 November 2004 02:57, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton 
> <lkcl@lkcl.net> wrote:
> >  debian doesn't GIVE users that choice [remember the adamantix
> >  bun-fight, anyone?] and instead settles for about the lowest possible
> >  common denominator - no consideration to modern security AT ALL!
> Doing the things that Adamantix does takes some work.  The Adamantix people 
> are doing their own distribution and are not contributing to Debian.  There 
> are many Debian developers who want to see the same stuff included in Debian 
> (including me), but no-one with the right combination of interest, time, and 
> skills.
> If someone is looking for things to work on then it would be a good place to 
> start.

I think that Hardened Debian is putting many efforts in terms of
security technologies deployment.
We are now working on the deployment in Ubuntu Linux as a first move
before the possible deployment in Debian.

I'm now interested in making SELinux a really reliable solution thus i
have the other things almost done, and some kernel work is already done.

The debian policies should be improved and creation of a work team would
be great.

I have a blank page at the wiki
(http://wiki.debian-hardened.org/SELinux_on_Debian) which could be a
start point.

As i'm new and even i don't know what's the current state of SELinux
Debian deployment, i would appreciate any information.

I've set up a site (BTW, running on a hardened debian powered "box")
where i'm maintaining patches and other stuff i worked on related with
SELinux, it's at http://selinux.tuxedo-es.org .

Lorenzo Hernández García-Hierro <lorenzo@gnu.org> [1024D/6F2B2DEC]
[2048g/9AE91A22] Hardened Debian head developer & project manager

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