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Your link is now on our site - please check for accuracy

Dear Software in,

I'm the webmaster of a sales lead resource website at http://www.quality-sales-leads.com. 

We've collected quality links to other sales leads resources on the 
Internet on ourlinks page. 

We came across your site and feel that it'd make a perfect fit in our collection of 
quality links about getting sales leads.

We've already placed a link to your web site along with a description at http://www.quality-sales-leads.com/. 

We'd appreciate if you'd place a link back to our site using the following link and description:


Resource site with hundres of articles and links concerning getting the best
sales leads possible.  

If you'd like the description of your site modified or if you have any other cross-promotion 
ideas just drop me a line.

Best regards,


Sales Leads Resources

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