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Re: RFP: gaim-guifications -- Show events notifications of gaim in a popup window

* Luca Capello 

| on 05/03/2004 01:01 AM, Ramón Rey Vicente wrote:
| > * Package name    : gaim-guifications
| >   Version         : 1.7
| >   Upstream Author : Gary Kramlich <grim@reaperworld.com>
| > * URL             : http://guifications.sourceforge.net/
| > * License         : GPL
| >   Description     : Show events notifications of gaim in a popup window
| it seems that no one is working on this package. I'm debianizing it, but
| this package needs 'gaim.pc' and 'VERSION' from the 'gaim' sources. I'm
| going to fill a wishilist request for a 'gaim-dev' package to the gaim
| maintainers.
| Once the problem will be solved, I'll prepare the .deb :-)

I've actually already packaged it, but forgot to retitle the ITP.  If
you're not finished debianizing it, feel free to grab my sources from
my Debian arch repository at
http://arch.err.no/tfheen@debian.org--debian-2004 (If you don't want
to maintain it, I can; either way is fine with me.)

gaim-dev is in NEW and waiting for ftp-master approval, so there is no
need to bug the gaim maintainers further.

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